The ICT Consulting service ranges from strategic planning, market analysis and understanding, to hypothesis verification and prototype development as well as IT business solutions feasibility and implementation. We provide the following three services: IT business strategy, digital marketing and data analysis.

 We start by analyzing the business requirements of management, business, and services of client companies. Then we formulate a strategic plan proposal based on market understanding, gathering and analysis of the internal and external information relating to the client’s business. Simultaneously we develop and validate prototypes of the most important functions and services. In addition we make a marketing big data quantitative and qualitative analysis in order to define goals and set KPI.

 Defide's ICT Consulting service is characterized by not only desk consulting and information analysis but also by the development and verification of small scale prototypes of actual services.

Business Strategy

Business strategy - Business requirements - Market understanding - Internal and external environmental analysis
Client tailored strategic IT business planning

Digital Marketing

Prototype model development and testing based on a thorough understanding of the user needs.

Hypothesis planning and verification.

Data Analytics

Achieving understanding of customers and markets

by researching their needs via quantitative and qualitative statistical data analysis and visualization.