The UI/UX Strategy service offers strategic design in order to achieve user experience maximization by focusing on the touchpoints between user and system. It consists of the following three services: UI design, UX strategy and development and digital branding to maximize user experience.

 Touchpoints, which are said to be the most important aspect of IT services today, create a user experience (UX), that is, a sensory image of the user's experience by engaging the user interface design and operability. Now that touchpoints have become common in IT services, measures to improve the customers’ psychological and sensory experience are required. We increase user-loyalty with navigation and service design and push type notifications.

 Defide's UI / UX Strategy service approach isn’t limited to the psychological aspect of design, colors, fonts, and visuals. We also strategically plan customer experience value enhancement with user experiences and journeys rooted in behavioral psychology.

UI Design

Creating an interface design based on customer behavioral psychology and thorough understanding of users and search needs

User Experience Design

Improve brand value by creating IT system user experiences based on user centered design

Digital Branding

Maximize user engagement by connecting with all the user’s touchpoints with a user experience journey