The Strategic IT Solutions service provides fundamental professional solutions form the development of large scale web systems to Mobile Applications. We put particular emphasis on the development of innovative FinTech solutions, integrating finance and IT, based on AI and deep learning.

 In the development area, we create from casual games for smartphones, to EC sites and auction applications, to the development of system infrastructures with large-scale transactions at the global level and complex business systems for a wide range of clients.

 Instead of developping a system based on conventional specifications, the prototype development is preceded by planning and drafting a solution incorporating the needs of the market into a product developed in close collaboration with the client’s user department. Following this we realize system development enabling a visualization of the services early on with agile development and facilitated hypothesis verification. We provide innovative system development services which distinguish themselves from passive traditional system development.

Cognitive Computing
(AI/Deep Learning)

Deep learning centered AI based cognitive computing service development


FinTech microservice development (AI, robo-advisor, natural language customer support, etc... in the financial field)

Smartphone Game Publishing

Entertainment application publishing service centered on casual games for smartphone

Web Based Applications

Continuous development and promotion of cloud native, high-load, high-availability global large scale WEB applications

Mobile Applications

Development of convenient mobile applications closely related to daily life, such as personal auctions or shopping applications for Ecommerce