The operations service aims for the continuous improvement of IT system quality. It is a professional department striving for stable system operation while achieving optimal cost reduction.

 Specifically, it is a support service managing the transition to cloud computing while realizing high return and reduced cost as well as achieving high load and availability of a cloud-based system. To realize a complex IT system transition while maintaining the high-quality standards, we rely on systematic quality control and testing. We achieve this with quantitative evaluation based quality management. Following release, the IT system maintenance is ensured by a kaizen support service and the application of the PDCA cycle. Finally, the system development done offshore by our Vietnam subsidiary offers the fourth cost reducing service.

 Defide’s operations service offers a systematic quantitative and qualitative data analysis management process. Quality and information management is guaranteed by strict adherence to the international ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards. We offer years of experience and numerous achievements in system development realized with the support of an excellent Vietnamese developer team.

Cloud Computing

Promote cloud first solutions as a trusted MS Azure / Amazon Web Service Partner

Quality Control Service

High-quality evaluation of qualitative factors. Methodical quality check and visualization by quantitative analysis to efficiently enhance quality

IT Business Management

We implement the PDCA cycle and kaizen on management process and communication, ticket management and IT systems

Offshore Development

Offshore system development in Vietnam enabling high cost reduction while maintaining high quality and efficiency