TEdeKAKU is an application for digitizing handwritten documents.
It is developed using AI image recognition and is able to
digitize various types of handwritten forms and slips.



TEdeKAKU automatically recognizes the document type and the information described in the document. It converts the captured handwritten document into digital data using deep CNN/OCR and AI. It can also self-learn through user corrections as to derive the correct analysis result.

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Detection of character segments

In this step, character segments are detected using image processing, labeling processing, and shape analysis processing.
In addition, meaningful character elements are detected by combining these parts stepwise.


Characters recognition AI

In this step, optical character recognition (OCR) is performed using a convolutional neural network (CNN) learning data of kanji and hiragana handwritten characters.


Text correction AI

Finally, by using a recursive neural network (RNN) that uses a model that divides a document into an arbitrary number of consecutive characters, incorrect characters are detected and adapted to correct sentences.

AI handwritten Japanese character recognition based on image, speech pattern and
grammar recognition.
- TEGAKI Recognition Accuracy-

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