exhibition report

Financial Information Technology 2019
International Financial Technology Exhibition

2019/10/24 (thu) - 10/25(fri)
Tokyo International Forum Hall E


Financial Information Technology
echnology Exhibition

FIT (Financial Information Technology)” is the largest “IT Fair for Financial Institutions” organized in 2000 by Nikkin (Japan Financial News Agency). "is. In the past 18 editions, a total of over 249,000 financial institutions and financial institutions have joined and used as a place for business talks and information exchange with exhibitors. It is highly regarded as the only exhibition based on financial practices and practices. This year, more than 200 companies exhibited various financial institution solutions with examples. We participated to introduce “Lyfe”, a new service under development, as well as other services.

This time we boosted our publicity!

We placed the Defide logo on the venue map and the Lyfe brochure at the entrance!

We were featured
in Nikkin with
advertisements and

Exhibited products


Lyfe is an AI financial advisory service that makes money visualization and
life vision a reality in the era where people live up to a 100 and more.

Lyfe offers benefits in two main ways. First, as a premium service for financial institution customers, analysis of the current situation for decision-making on asset formation, future prediction and life vision setting, and advice by AI. For financial institutions, we provide services as a touch point for developing good customers and strengthening customer relationships. We provide visualization of business opportunities as appropriate according to customer asset status and life events.

Potential analysis

The AI Advisory Board will connect with customers through chat with planned plans (solutions) for customers clustered from customer scoring, segmentation, and trend analysis.

AI advisory board

We communicate with customers continuously with a natural language engine using AI with a time axis.


Chai is not limited to traditional patterned AI chat. Conversations based on intention interpretation, linkage with multiple scenario settings, various question settings, automatic generation of FAQs and conversations, external API linkage, linkage with web pages, graphs and charts Is a communication service based on deep learning and a logic-based natural language dialogue engine.


TEdeKAKU automatically recognizes the slip type and information in handwritten slips taken with a smartphone, and converts the results with a deep CNN / OCR based on AI OCR into digital data. In addition, the user corrects the analysis result to perform self-learning and derives the correct analysis result.

Exhibition booth

Before the opening

This booth wase decorated with the “Lyfe” style for the first time! The number of exhibitors has increased compared to last year, and the FIT exhibition has become even more energetic, but our company is also in good spirits! In order to show the various usage scenes of Lyfe, the demonstration machine prepared various devices such as smartphones and tablets in addition to the desktop monitor. And the system development department / Neba and me, UI design department / Inadome arrived from the Fukuoka office for the first time. We welcome visitors to try our services.

Two new graduate staff who participated
in the exhibition for the first time!

Exhibition start!

Many people visited the booth when the exhibition started. Some people have “checked in advance” or “we saw a flyer at the entrance”! In the demo, we used temporary user information to explain the actual service experience. In addition, we showcased an example of Lyfe implementation that allows customers to listen to problems and solve them.

The major feature of Lyfe is the “AI Advisory Board”.
Actually demonstrated using an account!

Neva and Inadome, initially tense, were able to heartily recommend Lyfe to customers at the end! It was a valuable experience for them.

Exhibition ends

Two hectic days have ended! On the second day, it was heavy rain, but it seems that there were over 20,000 visitors. For developers who participated in the exhibition, it was a good opportunity to directly receive customer opinions and reactions. During interviews with customers, we understood the problems and concerns that financial institutions have and gained good tips for further development of future services. Lyfe will continue to work hard together for the release next spring so that the service will meet your expectations!