Vietnam office has moved to a new place,
Saigon Center 2 in May 2019.

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Defide Inc. is a firm offering IT business strategy, based on design centered UI design and UX strategy, digital branding development, web marketing research, system development and quality management. We provide comprehensive and innovative IT services and operations development.

Particularly in the Financial Sector Web services, which are collectively called FinTech, we are developing forecasting and reasoning based on deep learning. This serves as the foundation for natural language response using AI and chat. UX strategy (user experience, design) is the area which we specialize most in. In addition, we have proven ourselves in the operation of native clouds that flexibly cope with large-scale systems, as well as application development for smartphones and web services.

Defide Inc. contributes to the development of a dignified society by providing IT services that combine logical concepts and emotional expressions in a balanced manner.

We have offices in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) and are active within a global perspective.

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